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Obama Administration Nixes Confederate Flag at Cemeteries

The Confederate flag symbolizes a time when American was split into two sides.  It was a dreadful time of Civil War and slavery.  Since the Civil War, America changed into one nation, and equality among its people is paramount.  However, there are still those who wholeheartedly stand by their Confederate heritage.  A lot of people...Read More

11 Amazingly Crafty Uses for VapoRub

It turns out, Robitussin isn’t the only all-in-one magic bullet in the world.  Vicks VapoRub has a ton of uses too!  Most of them you probably never heard of or even thought about.  Its uses range from aiding health-related issues all the way to helping you train your pet.  Once you discover all the amazingly...Read More

10 Essential Doomsday Prepper Life Hacks

Yes, there’s always the possibility of an event that could wipe out the human race and change the world forever.  No one likes to think about it, but it will always live in the back of our minds.  With the election nearing closer in America, the event could happen sooner than later.  It’s hard to...Read More

No Matter Who Wins the Election, America is Doomed to Chaos

Right now, America is a ticking time bomb, and the ticks are running out.  The upcoming election is creating quite the stir and a lot of friction across America.  Will Trump win or will Hillary win?  The question is a big one, and the answer is coming to a theater near you soon.  Are you...Read More

12 Times America Shamelessly Stabbed Its Allies in the Back

America is still a fairly young country and fought tooth and nail to gain its independence. American troops today are well-trained and ready to die for their countrymen in war, which, like it or not, has been a part of American history since the beginning. Along the way, some hearts have been broken because when...Read More

Celebs Who Got Caught with Their Pants Down

The title of this post seems contradictory, doesn’t it? Why should a male celebrity need to buy a woman when he can use his fame and fortune to pick them up for free? Well, the truth is some men get off by purchasing what they want. They have uncontrollable urges to live out their fantasies...Read More

The Only Creatures That Will Survive Armageddon

The majority of all creatures to ever exist on Earth have gone extinct. Only the strongest have survived. In the back of peoples’ minds, there always exists the thought of Armageddon. When will the earth end? During its history, there have been five events where nearly all life on Earth was taken out. When will...Read More

Ugly Celebrities Who Scored Super Hot Women

The perfect man is handsome, stylish, powerful, masculine, tall, and charismatic, but good luck finding a man with all these qualities. Fortunately, male celebrities have fame, fortune, and power. With these traits, it becomes easier to score women who would normally be out of their league. A lot of times ugly male celebrities date or...Read More

Celebs Who Love Guns

The right to bear arms is a constitutional right in America, but year after year, this right becomes more controversial because of the maniacs out there who abuse the right. It’s one of those situations where one bad apple spoils the bunch. In America, there is the National Rifle Association (NRA), which is pro-gun, and...Read More

Top 15 Most Notorious Fictitious Drug Dealers

Sometimes acting roles are so strong that they take on a life of their own. They can consume the actor after the movie is finished. Actors have gotten so deeply entrenched into some of their roles as drug dealers that it became hard to step away. What’s more exciting than fictitiously dealing drugs and making...Read More

Top 20 Wealthiest Marvel Actors & Actresses

Marvel is a money-making machine right now.  They’ve managed to tie multiple franchises together, and actors are landing parts left and right. Each actor gets paid his or her own personal goldmine for solo movies, and then, when it’s time to star in the next Avengers movie, they all get to share the ultimate goldmine!...Read More

What Are Your Favorite Stars from the ’70s Doing Now?

The ’70s was a WHOLE lot different than now. Back then, people listened to 8-track tapes, drove funky cars, went to epic Grateful Dead stadium concerts, and danced their hearts away to disco. People weren’t rotting away in front of a TV watching Netflix or reality TV. If you were a ’70s kid, you remember...Read More