10 Unbelievable Must Follow Big Butt Instagram Profiles

9. Big Butt Instagram Profile – @kathyzworld is Kathy Bentley

Big Butt Instagram Profile


When you first lay eyes on Kathy, you most likely say to yourself, “Wow!”  Her mammoth yet proportional curves are nothing short of otherworldly.  Most people are used to seeing fat-bottomed celebs like Kim K, and what they are missing out on is women like Bentley.  It’s easy to see, Bentley’s curves topple over anything celebs in the limelight have.

Her business is selling body wraps, which she uses to keep her waist slim to accentuate the rest of her curves.  As you can see above, the wraps are working quite well!  The next woman now uses Instagram as her main focus instead of the pages of men’s magazines…

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