10 Celebrities with Hotter Siblings

Since celebrities love getting all the attention, it leaves little room for their siblings to get some time in the spotlight. Since celebrities are usually such beautiful people, it is only natural for them to have hot siblings. What comes as a big surprise is sometimes the siblings are hotter than the celebrity.

As you page through this article, you won’t believe all the treasures celebrities have been hiding from you. After seeing all these “treasures” for yourself, you are bound to have some new crushes by the end of the list. Just wait until you see what #2 has been hiding!

10. Taylor Swift



What most people don’t know about Taylor Swift is that she has a brother who looks exactly like her in guy form. Even though he is her younger brother, they look like fraternal twins. Just take a look at their eyes.

Austin doesn’t even come close to having the fame his sister Taylor has, but he did land his first movie role in Wildest Dreams. The brother and sister combination love to openly support each others’ endeavors.

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