10 Lottery Winners with Insane Horror Stories

Winning the lottery seems like a dream come true. Most people think if they win, the money will solve all their problems. Well, those people didn’t listen to Biggie Smalls, because “Mo Money Mo Problems” is the truth. If you don’t how to manage the winnings or keep yourself safe, your whole life can and will come crashing down around you. There’s a reason successful rich people are either born rich or worked hard for their riches. Going from nothing to something is a whole different situation.

Some winners who didn’t employ the proper wealth management or didn’t go into exile met a nasty fate. These are the people’s who are featured here in this article. Be warned, the following tales are gruesome and may leave you feeling sick to your stomach. At the same time, you will never read anything like the following stories. Number 2 shows how sick some people in the world truly are!

10. The Rossis



The Rossis seemed like a happy couple. Their marriage lasted 25 years, which is about five times longer than the average American marriage lasts these days. Then one day, Thomas Rossi was handed divorce papers. His wife, Denise Rossi, was fed up with him because he never had any money.

Little did her husband and the court know that Denise had just won the lottery before handing him the papers. Little did Denise know, California has a law against hiding assets during divorce proceedings.  This is the real kicker; once the court found out, they awarded ALL of the money to Thomas.

The lesson here to all lottery winners is to talk to a reputable lawyer immediately after winning. Had Denise known the law, she could have banked at least half the money instead of nothing.

The next guy was already a millionaire when he won the big one….

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