10 Male Celebrities Who’ve Slept with Over 1,000 Women

In a normal guy’s lifetime, he hopes to sleep with maybe 50 to 100 women.  Even that number may seem large to some guys out there.  It’s only natural for celebrities with fame and fortune to rack up way more notches than the average Joe.  A celebrity has a loyal fan base; he can pluck chickens out of the coop on a nightly basis.  Even with that luxury, a lot of celebrities prefer to live the married lifestyle.  Just look at Channing Tatum or Tom Hardy, those guys could tear it up if they weren’t married.

But put those guys to the side for now.  Let’s look at the addicted deviants who just couldn’t get enough food at the buffet.  The guys who picked every steaming dish clean before they were ready to throw in the towel.  Some of them still haven’t thrown in the towel.

For anyone who has fallen in love with the playboy lifestyle, it’s almost impossible to get away from it.  Variety is the spice of life.  Beating the same ol’ drum everyday gets old after awhile for some guys.  They’d rather master every tool in the kit than focus on just one.

All right, enough innuendos, it’s time to look at some of the most legendary players to ever play the game.  #2 was a legend in more ways than one!

10. Russell Brand 1,000 Partners



Russell Brand is famous for his addictive personality.  Maybe the reason Katy Perry married him was to see if she could truly tame the bull.  Well, she couldn’t.  At one time, Brand’s addiction to women got so bad, he had to go to rehab with therapy groups.  What’s so bad about this type of addiction?  It’s better than drugs by far!

Along with Perry, Brand has also scored some other high-class tail including Kate Moss and Geri Hallowell.  It’s nice to see, he mixed some quality in there with the quantity.  You’d never want to picture the next guy running through women…

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