10 of Nicki Minaj’s Dirty Little Secrets

For some celebrities, loads of plastic surgery can turn them into overnight sensations. In Nicki Minaj’s case, creating some BIG body parts and changing the appearance of her eyes put her on the map. To her credit, she does have some rap skills–not quite on the level of the Queen Bee Lil’ Kim, but they are there.

During her rise to stardom, she has built more than a few admirers of her physique. When someone gets in the spotlight like Nicki, rumors and hearsay are sure to follow. Most of the rumors about Nicki are juicier than her posterior. Get ready for a behind the scenes look into the life of Nicki Minaj! Number 2 might just be her dirtiest little secret….

10. Nicki’s 15 Alter Egos



It’s easy to see Nicki is more than a handful, but 15 alter egos…really?! Most people know she considers herself a Barbie doll. A Barbie doesn’t come as a surprise, although a British boy named Roman does. If you’ve heard of her project, “Roman’s Revenge, it’s where she goes into character as the British boy. Before becoming famous, she was known as Cookie. Back then, she was more bubbly (in a different way) and approachable. All in all, 15 alter egos seems a wee bit narcissistic.

Find out what Nicki had to say about Bieber next….


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