10 Outrageous Supercar Wrecks

In theory, supercars are awesome! That is, until they wreck, and you realize that all your hard work and copious amounts of money went down the drain. On top of that, getting in a wreck with a supercar is extra dangerous. These things can fly and surely don’t have the same safety features as an SUV or even a normal sedan. Just wait until you see how heartbreaking the following wrecks must have been for their owners. Number nine will especially make you cringe.

1. The Red Bloody Bullet



This Ferrari looks like it got into a boxing match with George Foreman before he started selling grills.  Most likely the best the owner could have done was try to salvage some of the parts to sell. It may have been a better idea to get rid of it since looking at it every day would bring tears to a man’s eyes.

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