10 Unexplained X-Files Cases That Are Actually Real

The world is full of strange mysteries, and unknowns humans will never have the ability to explain. Science gets as close as it can to explaining these mysteries, yet we will never have the capacity to completely explain some things in life. One of the best shows to explore life’s mysteries was The X-Files. It was so popular that it made a return recently with Mulder and Scully back in the saddle.

On this list, we will divulge the greatest mysteries on Earth that are still left unsolved. No science or detective in the world was able to crack any of the following 10 cases. Some of these cases are so strange that the writers for The X-Files would get wide eyes after reading them. It’s time to take a ride into the great beyond and even further. Buckle up, because #2 may skew your perception forever!

10. The Famous Voynich Manuscript



The Voynich Manuscript is an unexplained 600-year-old text. There has been speculation that it is a hoax because of the paper it is printed on. The text is decorated with stars and plants and is still left undecipherable by all linguistic experts.  The theory is that it’s an explanation of nature.

A professor at Bedfordshire University has examined the text and determined that it is in fact not a hoax. The big mystery is figuring out who wrote it and how they were able to use such an elaborate code. Some people think Da Vinci wrote it or even aliens gifted it to Earth. It’s incredible to see such an elaborate piece of art still left as a complete mystery to humans.

Did the next man figure out the secret to eternal life?


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