10 Wealthy Celebrities Who Act Like They’re Broke

Everyone has had that cheapskate friend who was born into riches and acts like they don’t have anything.  Those are some of the most annoying people on the planet. It must be some kind of genetic flaw because it’s a common occurrence.

When it comes to celebrities, the cases of cheapness get even worse. It’s almost like these people want to fit in with the normal crowd when in the back of their minds, they know they never will. They aren’t fooling anyone, and since they can’t spend the money from their grave, why not live it up?

One thing is true: There is an equal and opposite to everything. Just like there are cheapskates, there are the people who live way beyond their means once they get a taste of fame and fortune. This list is all about the cheapskates though–the celebs who go out of their way to act poor, yet everyone knows they have enough money to live a near limitless lifestyle. Number four isn’t fooling anybody!

10. Jaden Smith



Ah, Jaden Smith, what a joke you have become. Have you seen his recent work modeling female clothing? Let’s face it, his family’s net worth is up at a half billion dollars. There is no reason for him to wear the same clothes every day. It is also rumored that he only owns one pair of shoes. It is his mission to show the world excess isn’t better by not having more than one pair of shoes. Great job, Jaden! You are making a huge difference!

The strange part is his well-dressed and groomed father, Will Smith, supports his son’s beliefs. If you really want to make a point, Jaden, get out of the mansion you live in and sleep next to a bum for a month. Maybe then you will gain some credibility for your campaign.

The next dude maybe just likes the grunge look, but it’s a little too much…

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