10 White Rappers Who Need to Put Down the Mic

When hip hop first started, it was the truth. Rappers were putting their real-life experiences into words and showing the world what it was like to grow up tough. Little did people know, hip hop was going to become a mainstay in society–so much so that it was destined to become one of the most popular genres in the world.

It was only natural for white people to start following the leaders in the rap game. The best white rapper of all time is none other than Eminem. He is one guy you will definitely not find on this list.

This list is full of wannabes and kids who grew up with a silver spoon in their mouths. You have to wonder why these guys think they are so hardcore. As you skim through the following white rappers, you are bound to get a good laugh or two.  #1 is by far the lamest white rapper to ever live.

10. Everlast



Everlast is by far one of the most confused “rappers” to ever enter the hip hop game. He started out in the ’90s with a group known as House of Pain. They were an Irish hip hop group. They liked to walk around rocking Larry Bird jerseys with a faux sense of pride.

After gaining some fame, the lead singer, Everlast, broke away from the group to start his own solo career. He began blending soft rock with his Irish hip hop roots. Only the blind took him seriously. He even made a break away from Catholicism and converted to Islam. The best part was he wasn’t joking. Luckily, Everlast will disappear into the trenches of bunk white rappers and never be remembered for the long haul.

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