11 Shocking Things Actors Have Done for a Role

Would you believe actors have risked their lives to get a part in a movie? From the outside looking in, you may think they are lucky for finding a spot in a movie.  In a way, they are since everyone wants to be in a movie. On the other hand, they’re playing the roles no one else wants to play. Others have taken roles and had no clue what they were getting themselves into. In these instances, directors made the decisions for them.

You have probably heard of or seen all of these moviesbefore. When you find out just how real the scenes are, you may need to watch them again or see them for the first time. What these actors had to go through changed their lives forever! The directors showed absolutely no mercy in the following films. Number 4 is the most shocking of them all!

11. Swimming with Deadly Sharks



You probably remember the low-budget film Open Water. It made a bit of a splash when it first came out. All horrific movies based on true stories tend to illicit a big response. The movie was seriously low budget! The bankroll to make the film totaled $130,000. It took them two years’ worth of weekends to get to the final cut.

What you may not have known is the actors seriously were swimming with deadly sharks. The budget didn’t include the price of high-tech, fake sharks. Actors Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis literally swam around the man-eating sharks for over 120 hours! Their only protection was the fisherman who were chumming the sharks away from them and some chain mail beneath their wetsuits. Insane, right?

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