12 Celebs Who Got Their Behinds Kicked

When you’re living in the limelight, it is only natural for haters to become some of your biggest followers. This is the case for celebrities. A lot of people would love a chance to punch an actor square in the face.  You may already be thinking of one you’d like to knock out. There are some that deserve it more than others.

Usually there is some partying involved when someone gets beat up and a case of the wrong place at the wrong time.  There is also celebrity on celebrity violence when egos clash.  Other times people just get their rocks off from attacking a celeb. Both female and male celebrities can become “victims.” #3 was just begging to get rolled on!

12. Axl Rose Got Dropped by an Underwear Salesman



Axl Rose is much more bark than bite. The rocker loves to run his mouth and has been caught up in his fair share of controversies over the years. Most of the time he was called out to fight but never actually participated when push came to shove. In 2006 his fate was finally sealed at the Plumm in New York City. He decided to go to the club while Tommy Hilfiger was there. Hilfiger was perturbed after having to make room for Axl and his entourage. Things escalated when Axl moved Hilfiger’s girlfriend’s drink to prevent it from “tipping over.” This put Hilfiger into a rampage that led to a knockout punch to Rose’s face.

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