12 Criminals with Shocking Net Worths

Operating in the black market is a good way to swim in money like Scrooge McDuck while avoiding high tax burdens. It seems awesome, but high risk, high reward is in play. Almost always the high risk eventually outweighs the high reward.

Eventually, these guys and gals always get caught by Johnny Law. Once they do, the price is a hefty one. The bigger the crime, the longer the sentence. If you ever wanted to get rich by taking the criminal route, you will see it’s a bad idea after reading the following stories. Number one was the ultimate criminal who later reduced himself to ashes!

12. Nicky Barnes: Net Worth $105 Million



If you’ve seen Denzel Washington in American Gangster, you remember the appearance of Nicky Barnes played by Cuba Gooding Jr. At one time in New York, Nicky had his hand deep in the drug game. Once the law caught up with Nicky, he took on the role of the rat for the government to reduce his sentence. The man had no problem with letting his associates get popped once he went down. By using the cover of the government, Nicky stacked over $100 million!

The next criminal was the king of deception….

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