12 Female Celebs Who Look Hotter in Gym Clothes

When you’re famous, it’s imperative to stay in shape for the camera since they say the camera adds a few pounds.  For this precise reason, female celebs are in and out of the gym like a normal American is in and out of McDonald’s.

Lucky for us, the paparazzi just love catching female celebs in their gym clothes. Just imagine your favorite female celeb hitting the StairMaster hard while wearing yoga pants. Dream come true, right? Well, you’re in the right place.  All of your dreams will come true here. You’re about to skip from one incredible celeb in gym clothes to the next.  #1 is scorching men’s eyebrows!

12. Kylie Jenner



The Jenner girls are always in the limelightbut not usually for their appearance in gym clothes. When Kylie suits up, she looks slammin’. Her physique is already top notch, so a pair of yoga pants only adds to the recipe. She has those good genes from her Olympian father. Another great thing about Kylie is she doesn’t need makeup to look beautiful. It’s nice to see her natural beauty shine through.

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