12 Stars Who Paid People Off To Shut Up

Money talks in more than one way. Behind the almighty dollar, there stands a truckload of power. The people with the most dough can pretty much do whatever they want.  This is just the way life works. They say that money doesn’t buy happiness, and it might not have the ability to buy it directly, but it can sure lead you toward happiness.

When celebrities get themselves in a jam, don’t want a certain rumor to go around, or even want to manufacture their own stories, money is the key ingredient. There have been some big stories covered up by even bigger payoffs in the celebrity world. The ultimate dirt belongs to #2 on the list!

12. Jeremy McConnell



Don’t let those innocent blue eyes fool you. McConnell has been involved in his share of celebrity dirt. The reality star loves the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. His most recent attention stemmed from rumors of him cheating on fellow reality TV star Stephanie Davis. He was exposed after offering money to his second mistress, in Scotland. Private messages between him and said woman were procured by The Daily Star. His message went a little something like this: “I had fun, but you need to keep quiet please. If you want money, I have money.” He then went on to request she not speak to any magazines for money. His attempt obviously backfired, yet he is still with Davis.

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