12 Times America Shamelessly Stabbed Its Allies in the Back

America is still a fairly young country and fought tooth and nail to gain its independence. American troops today are well-trained and ready to die for their countrymen in war, which, like it or not, has been a part of American history since the beginning.

Along the way, some hearts have been broken because when America wants something, it does whatever it takes to get it.  Sometimes this means betraying an ally. The following are the most famous instances of America betraying its allies.  Number 9 was the most shocking!

1. France



To this day, the French are still bitter about the quasi-war between France and the United States. For a short period of time, between 1798 and 1800, France and America were allies.  If you know history, you know France aided America during their fight for independence, but once France had a revolution of its own, things became sour between the U.S. and France. Naval battles ensued until France and America called a truce.

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