13 Things Mature Women Won’t Do in a Relationship

A lot of men probably wake up some days, look in the mirror, and say to themselves, “What the heck am I doing in this relationship?”

These are the qualities that build a strong foundation in a relationship.  Without these qualities, almost no relationship will go the distance.  When it does, the path is a treacherous one.

If you haven’t always been the smoothest with women, haven’t been in many relationships, or are confused about your own relationship, this list is for you.  Even women can learn a thing or two here.

It’s time to open your eyes and learn what to look for in a woman. Stop putting yourself through the ringer for a girl who doesn’t deserve you!

13. Mature Women Won’t Play Games.



Mature women don’t play games. Only women with too much time on their hands or poor values will play obnoxious games. These are the type of women who will keep playing you over and over if you let them. A lot of men forget that there’s a near infinite supply of women in the world. Another thing to look for is women who are on their phones way too much. These are the game players. They sit around and do nothing all day.

The next quality is all about respect….

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