15 Baywatch Beauties Then and Now Revealed!

In the ’90s, Baywatch was a one-stop shop for super hot women in one-piece bathing suits. Usually the creators of the show made up for the women not wearing bikinis by casting top-heavy actresses. Almost no one on the show could actually act. It was all about amazing looks.

Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite Baywatch actresses look like now? While some stayed afloat with their beautiful buoys, others sank like anchors. Can you guess which ones sank to the bottom of the ocean? It’s almost impossible, and that’s precisely why we created this list for you.

Get ready to take a ride down memory lane. There are some big surprises along the way, including #9!

1. Pamela Anderson as CJ Parker



CJ Parker undoubtedly had the best “buoys” of the bunch. She has been painting the pages of Playboy for some time now. She even made one of those famous tapes with Motley Crue legend Tommy Lee along the way. Surely all Baywatch fans miss the days of watching those beautiful buoys bounce while she was jogging along the beach.

After thinking she was going to die from Hep C, she is still standing strong after shaking the disease. It’s easy to see that the dreadful battle may have taken a toll on her. It could also be the fact she’s pushing 50. Regardless of the reason, she isn’t quite the same CJ that fans remember.


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