15 Exes Kim Kardashian Wants Fans to Forget She Dated

The best word to describe Kim Kardashian is “minx.” Look it up, and you’ll nod your head yes. Fame, fortune, beauty, and curves can take a woman places. And when a person goes places, she gets her pick of the litter.

The young woman is already on her third marriage. Don’t forget how she became so famous. Does a little tape ring a bell?

Before marrying Kanye West, she had more than 15 boyfriends. For most guys, seconds or thirds work, but thirtieths or fortieths? A little excessive to say the least. Kanye must not care much; he does have two kids with her.

Back to the topic at hand: the exploration of 15 exes Kim would like to forget forever coming atya now!

15. Nick Lachey



If Nick couldn’t get it done for Jessica Simpson, there was no way he was going to quench Kim’s thirst. The couple dated after Lachey’s divorce, and it was one of Kim’s first big chances to get in the spotlight.  The best part is Lachey knew Kardashian used him for fame after photographers mysteriously showed up to photograph them together after a movie. Nowadays, Kim is the star and Nick is who knows where.

The next ex is flat out funny.

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