15 Gorgeous Stars of Legends Football League

Have you heard of the Lingerie Football League? It’s now known as Legends Football League and for all the right reasons. It’s a female football league full of legendary beauty. If you thought football was only for men, you thought wrong. The league is not only full of hotness but it has some talent in the mix too. That’s for a different day though.  Today you will explore the best eye candy the sport has to offer. Prepare to “taste the rainbow” because there is a little bit of everything here to tantalize your taste buds! Of course, we saved the best for last!

1. Liz Gorman



Never has the four-point stance looked so dang good! Just imagine how much different the NFL would be if the quarterback was receiving snaps from a center like this. Instead, it’s a huge man that mostly likely smells like a sweaty gym rag. Back to the subject at hand, Liz is a great performer. In 2010 she won defensive player of the year.

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