15 Nerdy Female Characters Who Are Super Hot in Real Life

When you think Hollywood, the last word that pops into your head is ugly. In order for female characters to appear geeky or unattractive, they need to dress down or go full on geek with all the bells and whistles. Even then, it’s still sometimes easy to tell they look good in real life.

In most cases, the women don’t just look good when not in character but they look amazing! Most guys who have crushes on these nerdy female characters have wondered what they’d look like in normal attire. Well, now is your chance to find out. This list is chock full of the most gorgeous female nerds in Hollywood. Just wait until you see #3 when she decides to show off!

15. Alex Dunphy from Modern Family



Alex Dunphy undoubtedly starts this list off with bang. A bang for the ages! While in character, Dunphy is the clear-cut winner for smartest in the family. When not in character, she may rival the other female actors on the show for most beautiful. She grew into her body so much that she needed a reduction. A true letdown to say the least. The show compensates by decking her out in baggy sweaters. The more she grows, the harder it is for the show to keep her as the geeky character.

The next nerdy character is unbelievable!

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