15 NFL Players Getting Slammed by Taxes

Professional athletes are some of the highest paid people in the world. Most normal people get jealous when they take a look at a star athlete’s salary. What they don’t think about is the HUGE tax bill these players are paying.

The highest paid athletes are paying insane amounts of money each year. A lot of them are paying more than a person makes in his or her entire lifetime in one season! Think again before you accuse athletes of being overpaid. These guys are putting their bodies on the line to bring home the bread. Wait until you see the tax bill #1 is paying!

15. Rob Gronkowski: $4.7 Million Tax Bill



No one in the NFL plays the tight end position like Gronk. Although, he does have the advantage of Tom Brady for a quarterback. Nevertheless, when Gronk isn’t hurt, he can ball! Over the years, he has become one of New England’s most valuable assets and is now getting paid $10.65 million a year before taxes.


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