15 of the Best Looking Female MMA Fighters

Just because a woman is a bada*s doesn’t mean she can’t be hot too! Outside of the ring, a lot of MMA fighters are model hot females. When inside the ring, things are just a wee bit different. They tend to put on the face that says, “I will rip your head off and eat it!” This face is not the one we are focusing on today.

The photos you are about to see are what female MMA fighters look like during their most angelic moments. #15 may make you squirm in your seat!

1. Laura Sanko



Sanko is not only hot but she’s a mom too! During her pregnancy, she took some time off from throwing fists. She has since came back with a new unmatched fury in her blood. Don’t let her beautiful face fool you–she’s a tiger!

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