15 People Made Famous by Social Media

Way back when, a person had to give up everything and move to Hollywood with only a dream to become famous. Those people had guts and were willing to do anything to fulfill their dreams. Nowadays, all a person has to do is work from the couch or even the bed to become a millionaire. How, you ask? The answer is social media.

By using social media to gain recognition or using the fame they already have, people make some serious cash. Some folks had no intention of becoming famous and were only showing the world what they love to do. After using social media to put themselves out there, they won the lottery. It’s not every day someone becomes “social media famous.” It takes a certain amount of luck and charisma to strike gold. The following people are the 49ers of social media and struck gold. Most people forgot #1 became famous after being noticed on YouTube.

15. DJ Khaled



DJ Khaled has become an unstoppable force after gaining fame on Snapchat. Almost everyone in the world has heard of the social media platform. Since it became mainstream, Khaled has been growing his brand on it as the platform itself grows. One of the new niches in fashion is catchphrase apparel. This little niche is bringing in millions of dollars for the DJ. You have to give the guy credit for making the most out of the situation. He is showing true entrepreneurial spirit.

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