15 Successful Models Living with Rare Diseases & Disabilities

In the modeling world, everyone wants to achieve perfection. A normal person can only imagine the amount of conflict between models behind the scenes. For someone to care so much about their looks, they have to suffer from vanity. The humble model is rare.

If this type of model does exist, it’s the models in the following slides.  These are people with touching tales of overcoming disease and disability in order to achieve their dreams. The amount of bravery it takes for some people on this list to fearlessly model is nothing short of amazing. Prepare to admire some new people after meeting the models featured in the following slides. Everyone should applaud #7!

15. Christy Turlington



A lot of people have heard of famous model Christy Turlington. She has a striking beauty that’s hard to forget. What most people don’t realize is that she is living with the lung disease emphysema. This chronic condition affects the airways of its victims, making it hard for them to breathe. Before walking the runway, Turlington takes medications to make sure she does not collapse. She claims running and yoga are the best ways for her to combat the chronic condition.

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