15 Thoughts All Men Have About the Female Body

The big difference between men and women is how much more self-conscious women are about their bodies.  There are certain things they think about all day that men barely even notice. Women will only experience stress if they venture to ask their men about their hang-ups.

In reality, women need to calm down and realize men aren’t examining them with a microscope. After all, if your man is sticking by your side, there’s a reason he is still around. It’s time for men and women to enlighten themselves by checking out all 15 items in this article. With each new item comes new knowledge, and with new knowledge comes new confidence. Both men and women will unanimously agree on #3.

15. Forget the Stretch Marks



All right, women, it’s time to stop looking at your stretch marks in the mirror every two seconds and wishing they’d go away! For men, they are not a big deal. Men, whether consciously or subconsciously, realize stretch marks are a part of life.

Instead of worrying about him seeing them and bringing them to his attention while you are together in bed, you should have more confidence. Confidence is a key factor for attractiveness. As long as your skin is soft and smooth, you’re good to go!

There is one trick to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and you won’t need surgery. Self tanner works like a charm to help cover them up. Use it until you feel more confident about your body.

The next thought runs through men’s minds all day every day!

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