16 Celebs Who Died Then Made a Fortune

It’s a little sick to think about, but nothing skyrockets the value of a celebrity quite like death.  Just think about all the riches that get passed down through the generations after a big-time celeb kicks the bucket. It is almost like being born into royalty if a person is lucky enough to be in the fam.

Memorabilia becomes dramatically more valuable after death, especially in the case of music legends. The amount of riches easily surpasses any amount of money the person made while alive. #1 is an absolute goldmine!

16. Ray Charles



Ray Charles is sometimes thought of as a more groundbreaking artist than “The King,” Elvis Presley.  Which is true considering if it wasn’t for Ray, rock ‘n’ roll may not exist. He pioneered the blending of soul, country, gospel, and blues into an amazing artform. After his departure, he left his family a big treasure.

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