17 Annoying Things Women Do to Make Men Hate Them

You know those moments after you’ve been dating a woman for awhile and you start to realize all the little things they do that are annoying? For any man who has been around the block a few times, he is nodding his head yes right now. Also, as men get older, spotting these annoying things gets easier.

You can’t completely blame the women. There are a lot of social pressures these days on them. Most women feel like they need to fit in or impress someone with their looks. Unfortunately, they don’t realize all those things they do are mostly unnecessary.

Although not every man will find everything on this list annoying, almost all men will find the majority bothersome.  Everyone can agree on #2 for sure!

17. Getting Hair Extensions



Have you ever seen the movie I’m Gonna Git You Sucka? If you have, you remember the famous scene where the woman rips off everything fake on her body, including a prosthetic leg. There is just something about knowing a woman’s hair is fake.  It’s unattractive and makes a man wonder why the woman’s natural hair isn’t enough. A lot of times women get extensions because they are too lazy to take care of their real hair. Lastly, the image a man gets of the women without the extensions is never pleasing.


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