17 Funny International Food Packages

Not every language was created equal. For example, you may have a word in English and when it translates to Thai, you say to yourself, “What?!” It gets awkward when you’re ready to dig into a meal and see an obscene word pop up.  When this happens, the whole meal changes. The entire time you’re eating, the word is in your mind. For most of these foods, hunger must overcome the strange references. The following food packages are guaranteed to put you in stitches and possibly even ruin your appetite. If you on a diet, this is the perfect article for you. They just keep getting funnier as you go along. Enjoy the show!

1. This Soup Knows Its Clientele



You may think this soup is for a targeted “type” of person. If said targeted person picks up a package of these noodles, he or she will only feel shame. If the person is outside of the targeted group, he or she will get a good laugh. Can you imagine if these noodles were sold in major U.S. supermarkets? It surely wouldn’t last too long!

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