20 Forbidden Places You Will Never See in Person

People love doing things they’re told not to do, and the same rule applies for places they aren’t supposed to go. There is something about venturing where no man has gone before that excites the human spirit.

Some places on Earth weren’t created for the public. They hold secrets or are dangerous in nature. For these reasons, they are forbidden, but some people still strive to see them.

Gear up! You have now bought a ticket to take a ride to discover all the most famous forbidden places in the world!  Number 19 is a real enigma!

1. Area 51



When people hear Area 51, they think aliens. In reality, Area 51 is a top secret military base located in the Nevada desert. What makes it so strange is that everyone knows about it yet the government still doesn’t acknowledge its existence. What types of experiments are they conducting in there?

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