20 Hot Women of Wrestling Who Have Racked Up the Most Notches with WWE Superstars

With all the hormones flying around the WWE locker room, it’s difficult for wrestling Divas not to want a taste.  Since it’s a sure thing they will hook up with at least 1 wrestler, the variable becomes the total number of wrestlers they’ve slept with.

Along the way to picking up the most notches, there’s bound to be some overlap and bad blood among the WWE stars.  That’s what makes this topic so juicy!  Not only are the women fun to look at, but the stories are just as captivating.

Get ready to read about the women who got around the most in the WWE in an effort to literally work their ways to the top.  #1 had absolutely no shame!

20. Victoria



Victoria was at one time the WWE Women’s Champion.  She did it mostly on her own without having to seduce wrestlers along the way.  The big rumor during her days in the WWE was that she and John Cena hooked up.

What made the story so interesting was it was around the same time Cena got caught cheating on his wife with Mickie James and Kelly Kelly.  It seemed Cena could not control himself.  Nowadays, Victoria owns a restaurant and regularly hosts parties during WWE pay-per-view event nights.  The next wrestler may look innocent, but she’s not!

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