21 Celebs Who Tragically Died Too Young

Do you ever wonder what happened to some of your favorite celebrities? Once they fall off the map, it’s hard to know where they’ve gone without doing some digging. The best case scenarios are that they retired or took some time off to have a family. The worst case scenario is an early death.

Over the years, a lot of celebrities have left this earth before their time. Most of them were at the height of their career when they met their maker. Drug problems, accidents, and illnesses have all taken the lives of celebrities while they were still young.  Here you will find all of the most tragic deaths to ever hit Hollywood. Number 20 devastated the world!

1. Paul Walker



Chick magnet Paul Walker was really coming into his own when he died in a tragic car wreck with his friend Roger Rodas.  The crash occurred after he left a charity event in California. He was later commemorated in Furious 7, at the end of the movie. The duo of Vin Diesel and him will be sorely missed.

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