21 Disturbing Photos of Celebrities Inside Their Caskets

A body without life is a strange thing to gaze upon. It makes people remember all the things the person lying there did while he or she was alive. In the same moment, it’s impossible to believe he or she will never take another breath. Funeral homes do a great job of cleaning dead bodies up, but it’s still chilling to see a dead body.

When celebrities die, the news is always front page, and fans, family, and friends need to commemorate the famous people they’ve lost. A lot of celebrity funerals are open casket with a large number of people in attendance. What you are about to see is a collection of celebrity photos depicting famous people in their caskets. Some may disturb you, while others bring about pleasant memories. We guarantee you have never seen a collection of photos like this in your life! Number 21 will chill you to the bone.

1. Whitney Houston



When the world lost Whitney Houston to a drug overdose, the world lost one of the most talented singers to ever live.  For years, she amazed people with her incredible voice. Later in her life, dark times swallowed her up.

The National Enquirer managed to buy a photo from the funeral staff. They then used the “dirty” photo for a cover story. It wasn’t the most legit purchase, but it did help the popular tabloid sell a ton of copies.

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