22 Actors Who Were Once Star Athletes

Working from the ground up to become an actor is no easy task. A person needs to scratch and crawl his or her way to the top. Talent is not always the most important factor either. Why do you think a lot of new actors are descendants of famous families? It’s all about the connections.

Famous athletes can use their star power to become actors. Even then, it’s still not easy. It takes a multi-talented person to learn the ropes and deliver a convincing role. For some athletes, acting comes naturally. Let’s take a look at former athletes who became successful actors. A lot of them you may know, while others will come as a big surprise. No one knew #21 was a former athlete!

1. Dwayne Johnson



Everything seems to come natural for “The Rock.” People have smelled what he’s been cooking since he suited up for the national champion Miami Hurricanes football team. For years, he lived in the shadow of his father, Rocky Johnson. Once he got his break in the WWE, he quickly became a household name with his wild charisma. Now he has become an acting staple in the Fast & Furious series and has done well for himself in numerous other powerful roles. It’s hard not to like “The Rock.”

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