22 Celebrities Who Support Donald Trump for President

Right now, it’s looking like Donald Trump is the sexiest choice for President. He seems to have created enough smoke and mirrors to make anyone believe he is the best candidate. The sad part is he may really be the pick of the litter. Donald is no doubt a great businessman, but is he a great leader of a country? If America decides to give him the keys to the car, who knows where he may drive it!

Since Donald himself is a celebrity, he has a lot of celebrity friends and supporters. Surely his celebrity friends wouldn’t mind having him as a closer friend if he becomes the President. Other celebrities who aren’t his friends now are also showing their support for his beliefs.

While some celebrities on this list make sense, others will come as shockers! What is #18 doing here?

1. Charlie Sheen



Sleaze attracts sleaze, so it’s only natural for Charlie Sheen to support Donald Trump. When asked if he’d vote for Trump, Charlie said, “In a heartbeat.” He then expressed his desire to become Trump’s vice president. Considering Charlie has trashed Trump in the past, it’s hard to believe a man who dips in and out of a smoke cloud full of chemical-laden substances.

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