22 Children of the Most Evil Dictators to Ever Live

When dictators are running things, it’s a blast for them. The feeling of unlimited power and influence is unlike anything else in this world. The problem is that nearly 100% of people cannot handle such power. For this reason, dictatorships almost never work and are a fossil of an earlier period in time. Some still remain in this world, and it’s no surprise when they stir up controversy.

For some, being the child of a dictator is a burden, while for others, it’s a privilege. It depends on the beliefs of the children, not all of whom have the same belief systems as their parents.

In the following slides, you will discover all types of different situations. Did the children follow in their father’s footsteps? Were they rebellious? Are they ashamed? Prepare to have all these questions and more answered as you breeze through the list. Number one has been making waves with his wild claims!

22. Nicu Ceausescu, Son of Nicolae Ceausescu



During a 15-year stretch, Romania was ruled by the heavy hand of Nicolai Ceausescu. He and his son, Nicu Ceausescu, were very close, and the Romania people feared Nicu would come into the picture after his father. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Nicu had a gambling habit and was a known rapist. He frequently endangered the public after binge drinking and driving his car into whatever got in his way. Luckily, Nicolai was executed for his crimes, and Nicu later died from a nasty case of cirrhosis.

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