23 Disturbing Before and After Drug Use Photos

Remember those people with D.A.R.E who would come into your life during high school and tell you not to do drugs? For the most part, they knew what they were taking about. Being addicted to anything isn’t great for you. Even legal substances like tobacco and alcohol can ruin your life.

There are harder drugs as well. Drugs like methamphetamine will literally eat the calcium in a person’s body and turn him or her into a mutant. It’s a scary sight! In parts of America, users of meth walk around like zombies. Just take a trip to Lake County, California, if you want to see for yourself (not recommended).

The following photos are graphic in nature. You’ll be astonished when you see what these people became after abusing hard drugs. Number 21 is the scariest!

1. Only a Few Years



Once this woman began abusing drugs, her face made hardcore changes. Before, she had pretty, big green eyes. After, her eyes became closed, and her jaw became crooked from all the teeth grinding.


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