23 Exclusive Photos from Inside the Home of Bill Gates

The richest man in the world is known for living a somewhat frugal lifestyle considering his immense wealth. When it came to his home, however, price was not a factor. Gates splurged and bought all the bells and whistles for his immense home. It’s so big that family members can probably go a whole year living under the same roof without seeing each other.

In total, his home cost $63 million to build and holds the record for most expensive American residence. He nicknamed his 66,000-square-foot home Xanadu 2.0 in honor of one of his favorite movies, Citizen Kane.

Get ready to take a trip to the hills of Medina, Washington, to get an exclusive inside look into the home of Bill Gates! Everyone will wish their home featured the big surprise in the last slide!

1. His Own Personal Forest



In an effort to maximize privacy, Gates decided to create a wall of exotic trees and shrubs. In essence, he created his own forest and ecosystem. The greenery also helps to keep temperatures inside the home moderate throughout the year.


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