24 World War II Facts You Weren’t Taught in School

News flash: Everything you were taught in school growing up was not the whole truth. Why do you think there is mainstream education and books? Certain thoughts, ideals, and tidbits of history are hammered into children’s heads every day, but there are a lot of “facts” that could easily be proven wrong. For this reason, the Internet is a beautiful thing. Sure, it’s full of garbage too, but if you know where to look, you will find a whole wealth of knowledge. If you like history, or even if you don’t, here are some great WW2 facts you more than likely never heard about in school.

1. Fanta Was Born



That’s right, the delicious soft drink Fanta is a product of the Nazi regime. Without the Nazis, people around the world wouldn’t sip delicious Fanta every day. No matter where you go in the world, you can always get some Fanta. It may not be as popular as Coke, but if you think about it, where have you gone where it wasn’t there? The Nazis originally made it because they had trouble importing Coke syrup from the United States.

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