26 Adult Film Stars Who Are Stinkin’ Rich

Stars in the adult film industry are having the time of their lives making money doing the most fun thing possible.  You’d imagine, they don’t get paid a huge amount of money, since they are doing something everyone loves.  Well, compared to a Hollywood celebrity they aren’t, but compared to a normal person; they are making truck loads of cash.

It’s not just the females either, some men are getting mega rich too!  Of course, the females get paid more per scene because most people are only watching to see them.  The man still needs talent even if he’s not the main focus.  As most men know, it’s not easy to perform like some of these guys can.  Hence, they are on film while other men are watching.

Now, it’s time to unveil the stars who are banking the most in the adult film industry.  The list goes in ascending order meaning the person in the next slide is making more than the person in the previous slide.  It’s going to be a long ride full of magnificent sites!  #1 is not only the easiest to look at, but she’s the richest too!

26. Asa Akira – Net Worth $400,000



Akira is one of the most popular Asian actresses in the adult world.  She is an intense performer and usually put in roles featuring some kind of Asian tradition.  In 2011, she had a cast of her you know what made in order to create a fun toy.  She ended up winning an award for best toy.  A cool blonde up next!

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