39 Attractive James Bond Girls, Then And Now

2. Bond Girls – Ursula Andress

Ursula Andress


The beautiful Swedish actress Ursula Andress graced our screens as the infamous Honey Ryder, the shell diver in Dr. No. Andress, another original and trailblazing Bond girl, gained cult status with her most famous scene, where she emerged from the waves wearing a white bikini with a large knife strapped to her waist.

Andress enjoyed the fame generated by this iconic scene, which brought her financial stability and gave her the freedom to pick and choose her future roles. Incidentally, the bikini Andress wore in this scene sold for $59,755 at an auction held in 2001. Andress has often been quoted as saying she owes her career to that bikini, and she won a Golden Globe award for her Bond girl role in 1964. The scene was so famous that Halle Berry paid homage to Andress by doing a similar scene in her role as NSA agent Jinx in Die Another Day. Andress posed for Playboy in 1965 and proceeded to appear in movie roles in the U.S., UK, and Italy throughout her career.


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