Best and Worst Dressed at the CMT Music Awards

Country style is a whole different ball game. It usually comes packed with glittery details and elegant dresses. Just think Dolly Parton. Back in the day, denim jackets lined with sequins were heavily in the mix. Those days are gone, but there are still touches of the past in the present day. This year, there was a fine line between best and worst dressed at the CMT Music Awards. If you like being the judge, this is the perfect list for you! Now it’s your turn to decide who was the best and the worst dressed.

1. Carrie Underwood



It’s difficult for Carrie Underwood to look bad. She could throw on sackcloth, and everyone would still applaud her. She didn’t hold back showing off her beautiful legs. To all the ladies out there, this is the perfect amount of tone. Underwood didn’t skimp on the country style either and added some silver to match her pumps.


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