Can You Spot the Secret Messages in Your Favorite Companies’ Logos?

Subliminal advertising is a key ingredient to most companies’ ad campaigns. It’s a sneaky way for them to tap into a person’s subconscious and make him or her want to buy their product. Every day people see companies’ logos and have no clue about the hidden messages.

The crazy part is almost every popular company has a secret message! Wait until you discover all the secret messages in the following companies’ logos you never knew existed before. Once you see their messages, you will never look at their logos again without noticing all the secrets. Number 19 is the biggest shocker!

1. Wendy’s



The days of the Wendy’s salad bar are long gone, but the original foundation is still intact. Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s, created the fast food joint to give customers the feeling of eating a homecooked meal.

Now take a close look at Wendy’s collar in the logo. Did you notice what it says? The word “mom” is roughly written in the pattern.


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