19 Celebrities Reveal Their Naughtiest Fetishes

People are born with certain desires and fetishes.  Once they reach adulthood, it’s time for them to live out their wildest dreams!  Behind closed doors, all types of things go down between lovers.

Celebrities are no different than normal people.  They have fetishes too!  The fun part is finding out what your favorite celebrities are into in their private lives.  It’s time to find out now!  You’re not going to believe #19’s secret fetish!

1. Kristen Stewart



Kristen Stewart starts this list off with a bang!  She’s into one of the freakiest fetishes known to man aka maschalagnia.  Maschalagnia is the art of licking another person’s armpits!  In an interview with Vogue, she raved about how much she loves when her boyfriend licks her armpits.  Stewart also added, “I don’t get this obsession with washing the smell off.  That smell of someone you love.”  Well, for a normal person, that’s just gross!

You weren’t expecting the next person!

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