Celebs Who Got Caught with Their Pants Down

The title of this post seems contradictory, doesn’t it? Why should a male celebrity need to buy a woman when he can use his fame and fortune to pick them up for free? Well, the truth is some men get off by purchasing what they want. They have uncontrollable urges to live out their fantasies with working women and surely have the coin to afford them.

Considering soliciting strumpets is illegal, celebs can get in hot water if they get caught with their pants down. These moments aren’t only embarrassing but they can really tarnish a celebrity’s career. The following cases are the most famous of them all. These celebrities seriously weren’t thinking when they made the following mistakes!

1. Copping Dome in Hollywood



Let’s start this list off with a bang! You know what hit the fan when Hugh Grant got caught with his pants down in Hollywood. He paid Divine Brown $50 for a quick job in his BMW, and the police stumbled onto the scene and arrested them both. As a result, Grant’s career was ruined for the time being, and Brown made over $1 million for granting interviews. Soon after, the incredibly beautiful Elizabeth Hurley dropped Grant like a bad habit.

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