Democrat or Republican? Discover the Political Leanings of Your Favorite Celebs

Right now, Obama is on his way out the door and making room for a new candidate to reside in the White House.  Whether you liked him or not, it’s time for Americans to prepare for a new President. Will Trump win? Will Hillary become the first female President? Who else has a chance?

Celebrities nearly have the same amount of influence on Americans as the President. Are you curious about how your favorite celebrities vote? Are they Democrat or Republican? Get ready to discover the preferences of all your favorite celebs.

Some A-list celebrities you’d expect to see here, while others may surprise you with their strong beliefs.

1. George Clooney: Democrat



George Clooney has been a Democrat his entire life. He was one of President Obama’s biggest supporters during the last two elections. Clooney made some recent comments explaining how if Obama were a Republican, people would tout him as a hero. Clooney will vote for Clinton in 2016.

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