Father & Son Took the Same Photo for 28 years Together

The bond between father and son is one of the strongest in the world, but considering men are men, it’s not always easy to see the emotions between father and son. Things were different for a Chinese duo from China’s Southwestern Guizhou Province.

What started out as a small idea by a father turned into an artistic masterpiece. For nearly 30 years, Tian Jun and his son, Tian Li, took the same annual photo together. It all started when Li was born in 1986 and his father decided to pose with his young son outside their home. At the time, they didn’t know it would become an important annual tradition.

When you see the transformation over all those years, you will literally feel the love between father and son coming off the screen. Li, who is now a film director, values the series of photos as one of the most powerful artistic expressions he has ever seen. In the last side, you will see the big surprise they saved for the end!

1. 1986



Father and son annual photo in 1986

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