It’s Hard to Believe These 22 Celebs Are Chain Smokers

When people envision a beautiful celebrity, they see the perfect human specimen. What they aren’t taking into consideration is the fact that they have only seen celebrities on film. Makeup artists and cinematographers are masters at making celebrities look incredible. In reality, celebrities are more normal than people realize.

A lot of them have the same dirty habits as millions of other people in the world. One popular dirty habit among celebrities is smoking. What’s crazy is seeing the celebrities who do smoke in the following slides. You never would have thought most of them smoked. It’s the ones who played goody-two-shoes roles who are the most surprising. Number 19 is sure to make you shake your head in disbelief!

1. Johnny Depp



Johnny Depp is one of the biggest smokers in Hollywood and has no problem flaunting his yellow teeth. He once made a joke that he wants to get up to 10,000 cigs a day! Let’s hope for the sake of the health of one of America’s most brilliant actors, he never achieves his goal.

It may make you sad to find out the next actress smokes….

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