11 Mysterious Pablo Escobar Secrets Revealed

If there is one man in the history of drug trafficking who absolutely dominated the game, it was Colombian psychopath Pablo Escobar. Countless references have been made to him in cinema, everyday life, the drug world, and most recently in the show Narcos. The problem with movies and shows is that Hollywood misses a lot key facts. They often don’t tell the truth about Pablo Escobar Secrets.

Pablo grew up poor on a farm with a unique ambition from the day he was born. He knew from a young age that he was bound for something different. As a young man, he told people he’d become a millionaire by age 22. His first exploits involved contraband cigarettes and the filing of headstones to sell to smugglers. You could say his destiny pumped through his blood.

Eventually he and cocaine became the best of friends. Once he was heading the Medellin cartel, the man was an unstoppable force until meeting his death in a shootout with Colombian National Police. In this list, you will learn Pablo’s darkest secrets during his reign as the most powerful drug kingpin to ever live. Number 2 is unbelievable!

10. Not Just Kilos…Try Tons

Pablo Escobar Secrets


If a man wants to rule a drug empire, he needs to have the most product. Just like any economy, it’s all about supply and demand. With Pablo’s near infinite supply, he still couldn’t keep up with the demand for cocaine in America.

Pablo was exporting so much product that he needed to employ pilots to ship it into America. His idea was to use the plane’s wheels to stuff tons of product. He was moving upwards of 15 tons per day! Additionally, his cartel could afford remote-controlled submarines to move the rest. As you can see, they weren’t playing around!

The next secret is yet to be determined….

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