The 10 Deadliest Serial Killers to Ever Live

What is it that makes the mind of a serial killer so intriguing? Normal people know how sick these individuals are, yet they always want to hear their stories. How could someone want to murder people in bulk? For serial killers, they don’t only love to murder. They have certain fantasies that get them off. Usually, they start out small until they need to commit heinous acts in order to arouse themselves.

Why are serial killers into such sick stuff? After all, they are human too. But why do they have such evil fantasies? Are they possessed by an evil spirit? Do they have bad genes? The world may never know what makes serial killers tick.

Proceed with caution! When you read what some of the worst serial killers of all time did, you may feel your stomach turn. Number two was the sickest of the bunch!

10. Anatoly Onoprienko



What made Anatoly so sick was the way he murdered people in bulk! “The Beast of the Ukraine” confessed to murdering 52 people by the time he was caught in 1996. Anatoly’s collection of murder weapons was also found. Serial killers like to keep mementos that serve as “trophies.”

His first slashing occurred while he was invading a home. The family caught him, and the insane Anatoly decided to murder the entire 10-person family! He then murdered five people sleeping in a car. Similar to the home invasion, his original intention was only robbery. Once they woke up, in his mind, he had to kill them.

The mad killer would then burn the bodies of his victims. Eventually, his idea of a good murder was to find an isolated home to invade. Once he was ready to let the games begin, he’d create some kind of ruckus. The inhabitants and all innocent bystanders were then murdered by the beast!

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